How to Keep the Ears and Eyes of Your Dogs Healthy

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Aside from regular visits to your professional and reputable vet in Parkville, this guide will also help keep your furry friend’s eyes and ears healthy at all times.  



Hearing Problems  

Some dogs really have birth defects, which can cause them to go deaf after they are born. As a matter of fact, this is more common in dogs with uneven patches of speckled or subtly color, referred to as merle pattern, or even white dogs. Therefore, if you suspect that your dog has any hearing issues, one way to test your finding is to make a very loud noise while your dog sleeps.  

Infections and Cleaning  

Breeds with floppy ears are also more prone to infection since the large flaps of their skin can trap bacteria, dirt, and moisture. At least once a week, you can clean the ears of your dog with an ear solution as well as a piece of gauze or a cotton ball. Do not use water since it does not easily evaporate. Aside from that, a cotton swab can also get in the folds and creases yet do not stick anything down farther in your dog’s ear that your finger can be able to reach as this can only cause more injury or push the wax farther inside and might result in infection.  

You can also watch for your dog shaking his head or scratching a lot, and try to see if the inside part of his ears is scaly and red. Your veterinarian can also take a swab in order to make an accurate diagnosis. Usually, an infection is treated using the right medicine in a week or two.  

Furthermore, dogs that have food or skin allergies are also more prone to getting ear infections, irritation, and itching. This is the reason why it’s important that you let your veterinarian know about the changes to the diet or environment of your pet in order to help track down any underlying cause.  


Minor Irritations  

It is quite normal for your dogs to have some gunk and weepiness around their eyes. You can go ahead and thoroughly clean it using a damp cotton ball. Wipe from the inner corner to the outwards in a gentle manner but you should be careful enough not to touch the eyeball.  

In addition to that, pawing or squinting at his eyes can also mean that they are just irritated or dry. However, even something simple can also get worse quickly, most especially if your dog keeps fussing at it as well as if your dog is bothered.  

You should call your veterinarian if you notice any discharge that does not clear up or even for dark brown tear stains. Aside from that, the moment your dog will not stop squinting or rubbing his eyes, he appears to have trouble seeing or to be in pain. Also, these can be serious signs of things such as a clogged tear ducts, scratch, an infection, allergies, or even certain irritations that need surgery.  

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